What We’re Doing About Covid-19 UPDATED 4/1/2020 1:20 p.m.


As we further monitor the situation revolving Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we’ve decided to halt operations until May 4, 2020. This is a fluid situation that we will continue to monitor closely, May 4, 2020, is the earliest we will consider reopening. The safety, health, and well being of our staff, customers and the local community is our number 1 concern. We will reschedule tours that are already booked during our suspended operations. This was not an easy decision to come to, however, it is clear that this is the only correct course of action. We’re doing everything possible to assist our staff through this difficult time.

How Alpine Adventures was operating before closing.

During this unsettled time, we wanted to let you know that we recognize the serious nature of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We are dedicated to the health and safety of our staff, community, and guests and are taking the proper precautions to keep Alpine Adventures safe, clean, and trusted for legendary recreational experiences. We would like to reassure you that we have taken additional precautions to keep our facilities safe and clean based on known recommendations provided by the CDC and we have used this opportunity to look at common sense good practices to keep all our employees and guests healthy, regardless of Covid-19 or any other pathogen.  We have discovered new ways to increase our sanitation efforts to keep all of us safe and have added them to our daily efforts.

We are going above and beyond our normal measures to keep our customers, employees, and community healthy during this time. As we become more aware of the virus and how it’s impacting our community, we will do our best to keep you informed.


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