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  • 9 separate ziplines & 9 suspension bridges
  • Up to 225' above the forest floor
  • Ziplines over 1600' long
  • 30' vertical ladder climb
  • "Super White Knuckle" zipline has reached speeds over 60 mph!
  • Must be 70-220 lbs & no taller than 6'5"
  • Our largest, highest & most extreme tour
  • Recommended for experienced zipliners only

With longer, higher, faster and more lines than any other tour, the new SUPER SkyRider was created for those that wanted even more challenge, speed, thrills and amazing views that all our award winning zipline courses are known for. Along with the new ziplines and extended Off-Road tour, you'll get more suspension bridges, higher platforms and climbing elements and two "zap-lines," a twist on the traditional zipline where it's up to you to get to the other side. SUPER SkyRider has a final zip that's got some extra "zip" to it...yup, faster than even the famous grand finale ziplines on our Treetop & SkyRider tours. If you've been with us before and are ready for the next step in the journey, the SUPER SkyRider is it! This tour takes approx 3 hours to complete and is offered on a limited schedule. Call or check for availability online.

SUPER SkyRider is for those looking for a physical challenge and have experience ziplining.

This is our most EXTREME tour and will be physically demanding for some people. It includes a 30 ft. vertical ladder climb, more hiking and faster ziplines. For restrictions & important information, please click the link below.


Visit the White Mountains
Visit the White Mountains